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Government Set to Control Your Light Switch

The next step in government tyranny in the name of saving the planet won’t even require the House, Senate and President to vote.

The Department of Energy recently decided they have authority over appliances in your home. Energy Secretary Steven Chu recently issued five new energy efficiency standards for large appliances, and is reworking the policy to include ten new categories. According to Assistant Energy Secretary Cathy Zoi “…we have a mandate. Where we can actually just issue regulations and do market transformation.”

The Real Story Behind the First Thanksgiving

After watching a recent school play entitled, “The First Thanksgiving,” I once again realized the historical ignorance that exists today and the watering down of history that has been done by many school systems. The school play basically said that after a “hard winter” the pilgrims celebrated that the “hard winter” was over by inviting their friends, the Native Americans, to share a large feast. But there were no details on what made that winter hard and how they had enough food for a large feast.

Global Warming Scam

With the admissions of dishonesty from so many of the scientists who originally were telling the world that it was warming and with the global temperatures decreasing over the last few years, the global warming bandwagon has become pretty light. Most thinking people are seeing that the vast majority of the global warming claims were from people who wanted government money to fund a research project or to pad the pockets of their “green” company/stocks.

Obama Pardons Some from Obamacare

Obama literally pardons some from the government’s intrusion into healthcare. Isn’t the hypocrisy delicious and digusting?! If you bow to Obama, like the unions (or does he bow to them?) you don’t have to have Obamacare shoved down your throat.

Democrats Target Your 401K

Here’s the story:

Unions target your private retirement savings
By: Mark Hemingway
October 31, 2010

Will the government outlaw your 401(k) plan? It seems like an absurd possibility, yet earlier this month two Democratic senators, Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., held a hearing on Capitol Hill exploring the possibility of doing exactly that.

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