Big Chunk of Obama Bailout Went to Foreign Banks

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The Federal Reserve has revealed details of more than $3 trillion in emergency aid it provided to U.S. and foreign banks during the financial crisis.

So that’s what a big piece of your hard-earned money went to, foreign banks. It’s bad enough that that tax dollars of Americans who worked hard for their money and didn’t waste it went to bailout corporations and the government itself, now we learn that a large part of that money went to foreign banks. Is it any wonder that so many people are furious that the Obama administration is looking to take more of our income via tax hikes? Who in their right mind would trust Obama, or any part of this overfed government with any more of our hard-earned money? They’ve only proved the stunning ability to waste incredible amounts of what we work for on a daily basis.

As many have said, Washington D.C. has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

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