Democrats First Act of 2011 to Object to Reading of Constitution

During Republican’s planned reading of the United States Constitution there has been yelling and objecting thus far with Democrats calling the reading of the founding document that they swore to uphold and protect, “propaganda” and “total nonsense.”

I suppose this makes sense seeing as how Democrats object to anything that sets limits on intrusion by the federal government into the lives of the people. Democrats have proven that they want near absolute power over the people and the ability to remove freedom and income at will. Is it any wonder they object to the reading of a document that puts limits on government power over the people?

The Constitution was written by men who were weary of a king and government who ruled their lives and took their income. Now an election has happened by a people weary of the same. So what Democrats really object to is that they hear objections to their own actions in the Constitution. They are hearing the anger and resolve of men who objected to the type of governing we’ve seen from Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. And the party who is reading it won in record numbers thanks to a people who, like the founders, were (and are) sick and tired of it.

The words of the Constituion scare them because hundreds of years ago those same words dethroned a government that thought itself above the people and beyond the people’s reproach. Those same words were spoken by a people who revolted against tyranny to take back their lives from the jaws of a government who limited the people rather than being limited by the people.

Of course Democrats don’t want to hear that!


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