Obama Takes Credit for Spending Cuts He Fought

Does anyone else see the irony and the repeat of history? When Bill Clinton was in office he was spending like the dollar was going out of style and like we loved working half the year to fund his whims. Then the Republicans took over the House and Senate and brought out the Contract With America. Their proposed cuts were refused by Democrats and the President. So the government shutdown talk happened and a tad more. Finally there was compromise and the budget was balanced. We even went into surplus. Clinton didn’t want that. He wanted to spend more and lamented his compromise with Republicans who were a bunch of tight wads in his eyes. But then Clinton bragged about balancing the budget and getting spending under control, we he had to give in to that Republican demand and had spend like a madman when he had his party backing him in the House and Senate.

Flashforward to Bush. Democrats controlled the House and Senate and we went further and further into debt. Bush was blamed for that debt and Democrats mascaraded as fiscal conservatives. Until….

Obama gets in office and, channeling Bill Clinton to the extreme, has spent us into record debt, record deficit and record dollar devalue. The Republicans took control of the House and basically evened out the Senate. They’ve tried to cut spending and Obama has fought them every step of the way, even proposing new spending bills (source, source) as though he were smacking them in the face. Finally, the Republicans were too strong to overcome and with public opinion shaking a finger in his face Obama compromised and bragged about how he gave in to Republicans. And yet he’s already trying to take credit for the “largest spending decrease in U.S. history.” The very spending decrease he fought tooth and nail and opposed and didn’t want. He didn’t want to cut at all and then gave into pressure to cut but only what amounted to pocket change compared to his spending and debt. But Republicans wouldn’t allow that little to be cut. He had to keep raising what he’d be “willing” to cut trying to pull them down from the plan they wanted. Finally, with a government shutdown looming, he gave into over 60 percent of what Republicans wanted. And yet he now wants to take credit for something he didn’t want. This wouldn’t have happened if Democrats had retained power. They already had more spending plans in place.

But, as history has showed us, if spending is cut and the budget is balanced because Republicans insisted on it, the Democrat President will claim credit for it because it’s popular with the people to NOT have their money completely wasted with no end in sight. Yet Republicans in this House and Senate are the ones who spearheaded this. I laughed outloud when I heard Obama take credit for something he opposed and called, “a distraction.”

Are there any Democrats out there who are honest and will admit that Obama and Democrats are being pathetic and hypocritical? I doubt it.

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