Pawlenty Says Obama ‘Out of Ideas’ on Economy

June 12 (Bloomberg) — Republican presidential candidate and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty said his economic growth proposal would reduce taxes and make cuts to mandatory and discretionary government programs. Taken together, the policies would “unleash economic growth,” he said.

President Barack Obama is “leading from behind” when it comes to addressing the economy, Pawlenty said on the Fox program. “He has run out of ideas,” he said. “We have tried it his way, and it doesn’t work.” Source

This is very true. President Obama could make a good case for purposefully damaging the economy. His only policies have been to give billions of tax payer dollars to companies that have mismanaged their money and to propose a plethera of tax increases on Americans and businesses. Americans have to spend to fuel the economy and with his tax increase wishes they would have less to spend. And business have to hire people in order for jobs to increase but with Obama’s increased business taxes and his repeated attacks on small businesses that seems like a fairy tale or a mixed message from the White House at best. Rather than be a good steward of our tax dollars in a time when they’re harder for us to come by, Obama seems to stay up at night to dream of new and creative ways to spend our money resulting in record deficit and, not even through his first term, has spent more than all other U.S. presidents combined!

So I think a difficult question to answer would be, “If President Obama were purposefully trying to destroy the economy, what would he be doing differently?”

He doesn’t seem to be worried about much of anything but his golf score these days.

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