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Israeli and Former Ron Paul Aide Says Paul IS NOT Anti-Israel

Dr. Leon Hadar, an Israeli and U.S. citizen who advised Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul in his capaign in 2008, rejects characterization of Paul by ex-aide Eric Dondero as wishing Israel ‘did not exist at all.’

The Israeli publication Haaretz spoke with Dr. Hadar on Tuesday and he discounted Paul’s characterization as being anti-Israel, saying: “He is against Israel as I am against January. He is just against foreign aid, and does not see any reason to grant an aid to a country that is a member of OECD.”

“We should remember it’s the primaries, and the Republican party establishment is not happy about his popularity, because on many issues his positions run contrary to the traditional party’s agenda,” Hadar added.

The former aide also indicated that Rep. Paul was in favor of “economic cooperation with Israel.”

Disagree with Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy and Policy on Israel?

Some conservatives are saying they disagree with Ron Paul’s foreign policy. Please consider this; I’d rather disagree with Ron Paul’s foreign policy than his domestic policy! Obama’s domestic policy is to tax businesses to the point that they can’t hire anyone. The United States currently has the highest corporate/business tax in the world! Ron Paul would end that! He’d also cut an INCREDIBLE amount of wasteful spending that our current government does with our tax dollars.

Just those two things are reason enough to elect Paul. And on top of that, concerning his foreign policy, we’ve got to come to grips with the fact that we can’t afford to police the world anymore. We’re broke! People are acting like we can have a conversation about the issues while ignoring that fact.

Ron Paul Predicts Terror Attacks Back in 1997

I’m not sold on the idea that the United States caused the terror attacts of 2001. I don’t blame my country because the folks who attacked us are nuts and are outside of the mainstream of their religion. But, I also am beginning to see that stirring up a hornets’ nest, even if I’m trying to help them, shouldn’t make me think I’m safe from their angry stings.

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