Disagree with Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy and Policy on Israel?

Some conservatives are saying they disagree with Ron Paul’s foreign policy. Please consider this; I’d rather disagree with Ron Paul’s foreign policy than his domestic policy! Obama’s domestic policy is to tax businesses to the point that they can’t hire anyone. The United States currently has the highest corporate/business tax in the world! Ron Paul would end that! He’d also cut an INCREDIBLE amount of wasteful spending that our current government does with our tax dollars.

Just those two things are reason enough to elect Paul. And on top of that, concerning his foreign policy, we’ve got to come to grips with the fact that we can’t afford to police the world anymore. We’re broke! People are acting like we can have a conversation about the issues while ignoring that fact. But, like any mature group of people, with the debt we’re in ($14 Trillion), we’ve got to come to grips with the fact that we can’t afford to police the world anymore!

Furthermore, Ron Paul would defund the enemies of Israel. Currently our government gives more money to Israel’s enemies than to Israel! And some think that our current policy is helpful to Israel?! Paul said we can’t afford to keep giving our money to all these other countries — especially our enemies and the enemies of our allies. So he’d defund the enemies of Israel and that’d be a big help to Israel and to us! Want further proof that Ron Paul is NOT anti-Israel? Read this article, “Former Ron Paul Aide and Israeli Says Paul Not Anti-Israel.”

There’s a lot of misinformation on Ron Paul’s foreign policies. That’s why it’s best to go straight to the source. Here’s a video quoting Paul and several military experts on why Paul’s belief that we’re too militaristic in the world is correct and that continuing our current foreign policies are hurting us and our allies.

The Constitution

There’s also the matter of the Constitution that should be important to all Americans. We don’t have the Constitutional authority to get involved, or contribute financially, into the affairs of foreign countries. At most, it should be a rare thing rather than the policy of the day.

Why would we slam Obama for violating the Constitution on other fronts but ignore the fact that the Constitution has not set us up to be a country who policies the world. We are wasting so much to fund foreign military operations when those funds could be used to save our currency and to protect our weak borders.

There’s also the matter of the U.N. The Constitution says nothing of us giving so much of our tax dollars to the U.N. to fund foreign wars and projects. Ron Paul is the only candidate to insist that we stop funding the U.N. This is especially important giving the catastrophic debt that we’re in. We are so broke that we actually borrow money from China to fund other countries and then we are the ones stuck with the bill! Do you want that debt?

I, as Ron Paul, believe that we should first take care of our own household before we try to fund and police the world. We’re broke and Ron Paul seems to be the only one who realizes that!

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