Ron Paul Predicts Terror Attacks Back in 1997

I’m not sold on the idea that the United States caused the terror attacts of 2001. I don’t blame my country because the folks who attacked us are nuts and are outside of the mainstream of their religion. But, I also am beginning to see that stirring up a hornets’ nest, even if I’m trying to help them, shouldn’t make me think I’m safe from their angry stings.

Lately Ron Paul has been making a lot of sense to me. He seems to be the only politician to actually realize how deeply in debt we are and how enormous the government has become in size and control of American lives. He’s proposing some major cuts in spending from our entagled government bureaucracy and, though I noticed this while supporting other candidates, seems to be the only politician that is reacting based on the reality of the mess we’re in. Senator Paul has received some criticism from Republican talking heads for his foreign policy of pulling most of our military back from around the world saying that we can’t afford to “police the world” as he calls it and that we could put more money into defense instead of military bases and expenses in other countries. He also says that pulling out of certain places could make us safer simply because those other countries wouldn’t have the irritations we might cause by our presence and interference in their business. It’s hard to know how they’re going to react or if we’ll make new enemies from fringe groups within their population.

And I wasn’t sure exactly if he was right about that. But it’s hard to argue with the fact that Senator Paul actually predicted terrorist attacks on the U.S. back in 1997 from the sources that attacked us because the evidence was there that the radicals were beginning to plan a display of rebellion and backlash to our presence. Here’s the video:

You have to admit, he was ahead of the time in knowing what would happen. And now I’m wondering if we’d help ourselves by electing a man now who can navigate the coming future. Though I would vote for other candidates against Obama if it came to that, I’m really liking Ron Paul right now. He seems the most serious about shrinking the government down to the size intended by the writers of the Constitution.

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