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High Taxes Hurt Economy and Government – Just Ask California

President Obama and the liberal politicians that side with him tell us that taxing high income earners helps the government and, in an effort to fool those who don’t pay attention, claim that will help the economy also. Well as pointed out by Godfather Politics, we have an example of a state who has had the philosophy – California.

The ‘Jedi Mind Trick’ Of Obamacare Tax Word Play

If I were to tell you that the government is going to take more money from you and that they were going to use the IRS to enforce it by hiring thousands of additional IRS agents to do it, what word would you use to describe it? Would it matter if I called it a tax or a penalty if it essentially does the same thing? Of course not.

Obama Gives $25 Million To French Solar Company

This guy is unbelievable! He’s so williy-nilly with our money that it is just depressing! He has outspent all presidents COMBINED in just his first term and we are in more debt than ever in our history and yet he can’t stop giving our hard-earned tax dollars away–even to businesses in other countries when we should be telling the world that we’re broke and have to take care of business at home for a little while or else their cash-cow will shrivel up and die.

Your Tax Dollars At Work, Buying Some Smokes

A certain percentage of the time you’re working goes to pay your taxes and the politicians in Washington use that money that you worked for pretty much however they want. And one of those ways is to give it to people who aren’t working. Got that? You work to earn money that goes to people who aren’t working for the money.

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