U.N. Planning New ‘Global Tax’


The United Nations is opening its General Assembly session, and with it comes plans of taxing the entire world.

Though, like the Obama administration, who pitches tax tax increases as being just for “the rich” but in actuality the legislation calls for directly taxing people in the middle class as well, the U.N. plans to tax all countries of the world but plans more taxes for the United States than any other country.

New taxes paid to the U.N. would be applied to all financial transactions, on airline tickets and on “carbon emissions.”

Rich people of all countries would be taxed an extra amount, all going to the U.N.’s favorite charity – themselves.

In fact, the U.N. will be having a special meeting on how to convince developed nations, such as the United States, to pay these new taxes to the U.N. Though President Obama has stated that he supports a global tax paid to the U.N., removing such a tremendous amount of money from an already very weak economy would be difficult to explain to citizens.

The U.N., anticipating push back and even outright rejection from world leaders has started referring to the global tax as “innovative methods of financing” in hopes of easing some of the measures into countries with plans that more would be added later.

During this election season it is time to remind voters that President Obama has already gone on record supporting a global tax paid to the U.N. and even proposed one before the current one was being considered.

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