Do Women Care That Obama Lied About Planned Parenthood?


In the second debate between President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, Obama slammed Romney’s proposal to end government funding of Planned Parenthood. Obama said that women relied on Planned Parenthood for more than abortions and contraceptives. He said they relied on Planned Parenthood for mammograms. That was a lie.

It turns out that Planned Parenthood doesn’t even provide mammogram services and has never claimed to do so. Yet the media has said precious little, if anything, about such a flat-out Obama lie.

What women need to see from Obama’s lie is that he uses deceitful, fear-mongering tactics to try to frighten women into voting for him. He thinks so little of women that he’ll look them in the eye and lie to them in order to get their vote. Furthermore, he thinks so little of his record as President that he feels he has to lie to women in order to get their vote.

If women can’t trust Obama in the little things like telling the truth about what services the government pays Planned Parenthood to do, how can they trust him about other matters? If they are just a pawn in his campaign to get the White House back in 2012, how is it that he supposedly understands them better than Mitt Romney?

He certainly says he understands women better and apparently thinks that women appreciate being lied to and manipulated by scare tactics.

Mitt Romney wants to end funding to Planned Parenthood because the United States is financially broke. The value of the dollar has been in a free fall ever since Obama took over the presidency and the decline is, in large part, due to the continuing record debt.

If women want abortions, asking them to pay themselves instead of the taxpayers flipping the bill isn’t asking too much. Especially when so many have strong moral objections to stopping a beating heart.

When Mitt Romney is elected and Planned Parenthood is no longer funded by the federal government, no woman will go without a mammogram because Planned Parenthood doesn’t even provide those services in the first place. That was simply another Obama lie.

So the real question is, do women want a President in office who will lie to them to try to justify his continued massive spending or do they want a President who will tell them the truth – that in order to save their future we need to stop spending so much?

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