Obama’s Promises Versus His Record


A new add from American Crossroads pits President Obama’s promises as a candidate in 2008 against what actually happened.

One of those promises was that if we passed the stimulus plan he put forth, that unemployment would fall to 5.6 percent. But what actually happened was that the unemployment rate rose to over 8 percent and stayed there with such sad consistency that it is now a record for the United States of America – 42 months with unemployment over 8 percent.

We might also point out that Mr. Obama promised to cut the national deficit in half by the end of his first term. But he doubled it instead.

We could also remind people that Obama said that what made his healthcare plan better than Hillary Clinton’s was that he didn’t have a mandate that forced people to buy it, but then once he was elected he changed that and now Obamacare requires all citizens have healthcare which means we must buy it even if we don’t want it.

If we can’t measure a President by what he said he would do compared to what he actually did, what can we measure him by?

If he doesn’t keep his promises, he doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously with what he’s now promising for his second term.

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