Obama’s Smirk


The RNC has put out a video of some parts of the debate last night; most notably, Obama’s smirk in response to some of Romney mentioning the President’s record.

Here’s the video:

If you’ve seen the movie 2016 you know that this smirk could be a lot more than a mistake that Obama’s polishers will have him smooth out by the next debate. It’s quite scary in fact.

In the film 2016, we learn that Obama quite possibly has purposefully harmed our economy in order to downsize America from economic powerhouse and the beacon of freedom in the world to just another country more on the level with third world countries. In doing this, he would be fulfilling the dreams from his father as is explained in the video below (yes, that’s Obama talking):

We live in a frightening time. But what makes it even more disturbing is when we put the pieces together to see that our President, the very one who has sworn to defend and protect our Constitution, perhaps has something other than our best interest at heart.

That smirk. That smug, self-satisfied smirk. What’s he proud of? Has he actually accomplished what he wanted to do? All this spending to weaken the dollar (60% weaker in the last 3 years).

The government over-extending itself financially beyond what could possibly be considered by someone who means us well.

During this time of economic darkness this President has given an unprecedented amount of the money we paid in taxes to foreign countries, even those who are our enemies. He’s increased foreign handouts by a staggering 80% while in office. Spending 76% more on foreign “aid” than securing our own borders. Even recently trying to sneak through a $450 million dollar handout to Egypt that was stopped by a Republican congressman. This massive spending and continual efforts to find ways to give money to countries who don’t even like us isn’t the action of someone concerned with our record debt and what that’s doing to the dollar. In fact, if I didn’t know better, it almost seems like someone hellbent on destroying the dollar.

The United States became the single largest taxer on businesses in the entire world under his watch.

Ask yourself, during the worst economy since the Great Depression, who in their right mind would do these things to our country except someone who wanted to do us harm?

Does that explain this smirk on his face? Is he psychologically giving a “tell” that he’s glad someone recognizes his handy work?

I like to think no. But…the facts are very solid witnesses.

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