Judge Judy Destroys Defendant Over Entitlements


Judge Judith Sheindlin holds court as presiding judge on “Judge Judy,” which is the highest-rated daily, half-hour, nationally syndicated reality courtroom series in existence.

In this particular case, one of the defendants infuriated the judge over his failure to grasp that the money given to him by the local government to pay rent should actually be spent on rent and not “on himself.”

Judge Judy explained to him that she, as a taxpayer, was forced by the government to give him this money, though she didn’t want to, and that it was at the very least to be used for what it was intended for and not to be abused.

The defendant failed to understand or, perhaps, refused. In this video the honorable Judge Judy makes the case to us all that entitlements are often abused and that the taxpayers are being drained, in large part, by people who don’t mind wasting and abusing the money given to them at the expense of the taxpayers. I look forward to the day when we have a wise President who will offer Judge Judy a spot on the Supreme Court.

The entitlement/welfare system in the United States has clearly failed in that there is little to no accountability for the people who are receiving a “free ride” courtesy of the tax payers who have to work for their living. There is a word that defines the case of someone working while someone else gets payment for it. That word is slavery.

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