What Did They Vote For?


This morning, after realizing I wouldn’t wake from the nightmare that is the re-election of Barack Obama, I woke, instead, with questions. Other friends are in denial, not wanting to talk or think about the hell that our fellow Americans have ignorantly brought on us and themselves, but I’m more a mixture of puzzlement and anger right now-like you’d feel toward a drug-addict family member.

“Why do you keep doing this to yourself? The high, yes I know, but do you ever think about the future? Ever? Oh wait, that’s right, you don’t have to because your brothers and sisters have been bankrolling you, enabling your addiction. It makes sense. At least I can see why you don’t stop right now. Because there haven’t been many real consequences for you. Yet.”

They’re like drug addicts. I see it in their eyes. Last night television cameras caught people in Barack Obama’s crowd who were beside themselves. They’d done it again. They’d elected a man who didn’t deserve to be elected. He’s a novelty. He’s an experience. A larger-than-life celebrity. He’s a high.

They did it for him. Not because he was the best choice and certainly not because he’d proven himself to be a good president. If an Obama voter had based their decision on the facts then they wouldn’t be Obama voters.

He promised to cut the national debt in half but doubled it. And that was after slamming Bush for high spending that ended up being less in eight years than Obama spent in his first four.

The unemployment rate is not anywhere near where he promised it would be if we elected him and allowed his “economic stimulus package.” In fact, the unemployment rate is worse than when he took over and broke an American record for consecutive months at such a high level.

In the words of his own vice president, “the middle class has been buried the last four years.” Income for the middle class has been down by thousands and this during the presidency of a man who portrayed himself as a supporter of the middle class.

The presidential candidate whose campaign centered around the lie that he wasn’t like other politicians because, according to him, he’d be honest and do what he said he’d do didn’t do what he promised. The unconstitutional government takeover of healthcare dubbed Obamacare he sold to us by slamming his opponent, senator Hillary Clinton, because her healthcare plan forced Americans to buy health insurance. He talked constantly how that was a violation of our freedom. But then when he was elected he changed his plan to do just that. That’s just one of the many examples in which he showed us that he’s every bit as bad as other politicians who lie to the American people. He has lied to us in addition to fooling us with several “bait-and- switch” tactics typical of the worst politicians out there.

So Obama supporters didn’t vote for him because he’s done a good job. They voted for him for the sheer experience and novelty of his election. For the sense of accomplishment in helping to elect a man who had no business being elected the first time or, now, the second time. His resume now, really only includes a very bad term of being the President. Oh…and half a term of being a senator that was spent on campaigning to be President.

So really, they didn’t vote for anything. They went after the high because the last time they did it they didn’t pay a price for it. Obama ensured that the government paid people not to work since there weren’t jobs for them. And Obama threw other people’s money at certain businesses so that we didn’t feel the true effects of a presidency driven by nothing more than an agenda of Marxism. This simply further enabled those addicted to the high of supporting Obama. But now comes the piper. Greece felt it eventually. And we will too. The catastrophic fall of the dollar to the point that the money the government takes from the productive among us becomes worthless because it’s only backed by record, mammoth debt rather than value or substance.

Why go to work at the electric company? The water company? The gas station? You’ll just be paid in worthless currency because the country backing it is in more debt than it’s worth. No one will go to work for meaningless paper. After all, did Obama supporters expect the money to last forever? What did they expect from endless debt? Surely they knew something would eventually happen. But they didn’t think that far ahead. Addicts don’t. In their mind the future is for others to worry about.

And then what, after the dollar dies and no one has motivation to work or be productive? Well, a government takeover of everything which is what Obama wanted in the first place, that’s what. Government intrusion the likes of which we’ve never seen. Little freedom, liberty just a passing memory. That’s what happens when the enablers become too broke to enable any longer. And what then, I don’t know exactly. Societal collapse? I mean, that’s what the nut jobs say, right? But that’s what history shows happens as well. I wish it weren’t true.

Maybe before it gets to that the House of Representatives can keep Obama somewhat in check. Maybe politicians in the Senate, fearing they might not be elected again in 2014 will fight back against the ultimate power unlawfully seized by this President. Maybe some Democrats will realize that what they bought as simply liberalism is really something much worse. Maybe. That’s what we have to work toward now.

Addictions are hard to break. The addict doesn’t think logically. He/she plays the victim, attacks the enabler and worships the supplier. To a point. More eyes will be opened to the frightening reality that lies beyond political parties and philosophies. We can only hope, pray and work to prevent being smacked by what a slim majority voted for. Though they really didn’t vote for it or him. They did what good fans do. They simply took another hit on the bong passed around to Obama’s fan club. But they’re about to realize something that was successfully kept from them during Obama’s first term. Now that he will have “more flexibility” in his second term as he told Russia’s Putin, Obama addicts are going to quickly realize that Obama the rock star makes a terrible master.

But that’s what they voted for.

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