Government Gone Wild


“There is far more danger in public than in private monopoly, for when government goes into business it can always shift its losses to the taxpayers. Government never makes ends meet – and that is the first requisite of business.” -Thomas Edison

This quote seems obvious to those of us who are aware of the extreme levels to which the United States government has overstepped its bounds. But it seems that more and more each day our precious freedom is threatened to the brink of extension by and ignorant public who has forgotten or ignored the lessons of history and who doesn’t understand how the free market works.

We, as people who recognize the danger being posed to liberty, must work to educate those within our influence as to the proper role of government and why it is in the people’s best interest to keep the government in its place rather than continue to give it the power to put us in second place.

Thomas Edison and other Framers of our country and constitution knew a thing or two about a tyranical government putting them under its thumb. That’s the very reason they sacrificed their homes, careers and even lives in the process of forming what they were not ashamed to call a “better” country than the one they were leaving. Ignoring the experts who were trying to spare us the mysery that losing our liberties and freedoms entails is not just stupid, it’s suicidal. We must not tire in sounding the alarm and educating people in how we are quickly sliding down a slope to a country we won’t recognize and freedoms we take for granted being extremely difficult if not impossible to get back. Some of those freedoms we have already lost.

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