Monthly Archives: April 2013


What Happened To Detroit?

The once great city of Detroit is now in ruins. The unemployment rate a staggering 30%. Kids are more likely to end up in prison than graduate high school. The murder rate is 6 times the national average. But what happened? How did this city become something of a third-world America?


Obamacare is Imploding

Obamacare—the Affordable Care Act—is both imploding from its own dead weight and conversely exploding in the face of the Democratic Party as we head toward the 2014 midterm elections. You remember the Democrats? They were the ones who, on Christmas Eve 2009 passed Obamacare in the late hours. It’s the bill Nancy Pelosi told us had to be passed “so we can find out what’s in it.”

2013-01-15 17.27.46

Gun Control is DOA in Congress

When I was a teenager I was a magician performing at birthday parties and before local clubs whose adults enjoyed legerdemain as much as the kids. The essence of magic is diversion, distracting the audience to watch the right hand while the left is setting up the illusion. It was a lesson I never forgot as I watch politicians divert attention from their actual agenda and right now President Obama is engaged in that as he goes around the nation asking for more gun control.

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