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Paul Ryan Girl Video

Remember the “Obama Girl” from the 2008 elections? Well now there’s a Paul Ryan girl who says that she wants to “get fiscal.”


In 08 Debate Biden Complained About Gas AT $3.17. Now It’s $3.82

At the 2008 presidential debate Joe Biden complained about the price of a gallon of gas which, at the time, was $3.17 as a national average. Now gas is $3.82 as a national average.


Obama’s Smirk

The RNC has put out a video of some parts of the debate last night; most notably, Obama’s smirk in response to some of Romney mentioning the President’s record.


Obama’s Promises Versus His Record

A new add from American Crossroads pits President Obama’s promises as a candidate in 2008 against what actually happened.


Under 100 Days Until Largest Tax Increase In U.S. History

January 1, 2013 is the day the largest tax increase in the history of the United States will take effect. Not only will all tax brackets rise in percentage of taxation, but the Bush tax cuts will be eliminated thanks to President Obama. This means that families, individuals and small businesses will be paying considerably more to the government in taxes. The combination of these multiple tax increases hitting all at once will be devastating to an already anemic U.S. economy.

Personal Tax Rates Will Rise on January 1, 2013 as follows:


America’s Economy Nosedives To 18th In World

While Canada improved their ranking to move into the top 5 countries on earth in terms of economic freedom, the United States, who held the number 2 spot in the year 2000 has fallen to number 18 in the world.

Real Unemployment at 19%

Friday’s disheartening jobs report doesn’t tell the whole story. The reality of just how disastrous the Obama economy truly is lies in the facts that are purposefully left out of the jobs report.

Pawlenty Says Obama ‘Out of Ideas’ on Economy

June 12 (Bloomberg) — Republican presidential candidate and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty said his economic growth proposal would reduce taxes and make cuts to mandatory and discretionary government programs. Taken together, the policies would “unleash economic growth,” he said.

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