Communism Persecutes Religion

The reason that communism has been harsh to Christianity (and other religions) is because a communist government must prevent as much free thinking and global communication as possible. Take the former communist part of Germany, they weren’t allowed to see the free side of Germany. The people were not allowed to go over to the other side or their government would punish them. Why? Because they’d see the potential of free people. In a recent TV documentary on former communist Germany a German man say that if someone went to the free side of Germany (on the other side of the wall) and came back that he would be miserable because he would realize what he was missing.Communism is usually extremely hostel and intolerant of all religion. That means Christianity, Buddism, Islam and other religions that recognize a higher power. 

A communist government has to have the people looking at them as a god or as diety. After all, a communist government basically decides what people do in terms of career, in terms of where they live, what choices they have for food, clothing, medical care and how much money they “live on.” Allowing the people to have a “god” places the government at number two in terms of authority and prominence in a citizen’s life and might lead to a rebelion.

Karl Marx, the father of communism, said, “Communism begins from the outset with atheism.” (He said this in  Introduction to A Contribution to the Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right).

Vladimir Lenin similarly wrote: “A Marxist must be a materialist, i. e., an enemy of religion, but a dialectical materialist, i. e., one who treats the struggle against religion not in an abstract way, not on the basis of remote, purely theoretical, never varying preaching, but in a concrete way, on the basis of the class struggle which is going on in practice and is educating the masses more and better than anything else could”(He said this in his book,  Private Property and Communism).

In 1955, Chinese communist leader Chou En-lai declared, “We Communists are atheists” (He was quoted by Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich, Proletary, No. 45,).

The atheism in communist regimes has been and continues to be militant atheism and various acts of repression including the razing of thousands of religious buildings and the killing, imprisoning, and oppression of religious leaders and believers.

Marxists justification for its persecution of the Russian Orthodox Church was based upon the claim that the Church was a “willing tool of Tsarism (Source).

Lenin proclaimed that a communist regime must show itself to be merciless toward the question of religion. There was no place for the church in Lenin’s regime. This led to anti-religious decrees and propaganda. All church property was expropriated by the new Soviet government.

The Founding Fathers of the United States wanted the people to be free. In a communist government, the people have no say so and no representation. Religion would be outlawed as history has shown and even to this day communist countries by large outlaw all religion because of the points mentioned above.

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