How Communism Sneaks In

History shows us some of the ways that communism is forced upon a society. It has almost always been a slow takeover, more similar to the proverbial frog in boiling water. The temperature of the water is turned up slowly and the frog doesn’t realize he’s being boiled until it’s too late.

A society at risk of communist takeover allows their government to interfere in areas that should be left to the people. Such a government convinces the people to accept more temporary taxes while at the same time creating and ever-growing number of programs and expenses that require the tax revenue. The programs and expenses become very difficult if not impossible to remove and the tax becomes permanent. Thus politicians insist they need to raise taxes for new programs and continually increase taxes.

The programs are usually tied to special interest groups that claim to serve the people in some way and therefore would make a politician far less likely to allow it to expire–even when it is no longer needed.Allowing it to expire would invite criticism from a political opponent claiming to care more for the people by providing the program. It is at this point that the mindset of the people begins to change significantly. The people begin to look at the government as their provider and are unable to realize that the government is only providing based on money it takes from the people and after paying itself from the seized revenue. In this way, the government is making itself the controlling and self-proclaimed wiser “over man” of Karl Marx communist structure.One example of this is when the United States first imposed the income tax on its citizens to fund the Civil War. The tax was said to be temporary yet exists to this day. The Constitution of the United States was even changed by the Sixteenth “Amendment” to allow the government power to tax the people. The Sixteenth Amendment says:

“The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.” (Wikipedia Source)

Class Envy

In order to obtain more power and control of the people, the government must find a way to divide the people. History tells us that one of the most effective ways of doing this is to convince the people that they are part of a mistreated class or group. Sometimes the government will pick a group based on race or sex and convince them that they are being mistreated by the other race or gender. Once again, the only way of salvation for this mistreated group is the government. The government will develop their support and gain power on the backs of these people. Once ample power is gained, the government will do some favors for the group who gave them power. But once the power is established to a certain level, such favors usually cease.

The government in power now seeks to control even more of the people’s money. They must create another victimized group to do so and, therefore, convince the poor that they are poor because of society’s most productive members. They are told that the “rich” did not earn their wealth but obtained it by fortunate situations or by hurting others. Once Karl Marx convinced the people of this, the people allowed them power enough to literally take over a so-called rich person’s house. The rich person and his family were forced to stay in the smallest and least desirable room in the house while the government-declared poor were given free reign of the house and the possessions of the rich family. This was one of the final steps in the government owning all property and wealth in communist Russia. Again, the government acts slow enough to prevent most of the people from realizing or believing communism/socialism is invading. So rather this process starts by convincing the people that it’s fair to tax one person at a greater percentage or for more money. The argument will be that the “rich” can afford it and therefore it’s acceptable to take a high percentage or more from them. The people who are convinced they are victimized will accept this and even some of the wealthy. Though in principle, it is unethical to take something from someone on the basis of them having more than you. That will be brushed aside because of the envy that is created by the government.

Creating Government Dependents

Another step in the divide-and-conquer method a government might use to inforce communism on a country is to make as many people dependent on the government as possible. This will ensure a base of people to provide votes to keep a government sector or political party in power. The government convinces the populace that rather than directly give the poor food, jobs, training or even money that the government can do it best. So the government will establish yet another government program to “help the poor.” The program will pay its employees who will obviously have motivation to keep the program funded and in existence. This is often called a “Welfare” program and it is a small-scale version of complete communism. Money is taken from the producers and given to the nonproducers. The Welfare program in America pays people greater amounts based on the number of children they have and, therefore, poor people are having more children in order to receive larger payments from the government. As these children grow up in homes that show them poor financial habits and demonstrate how to live off the government, the number of government-dependent people increases. Motivation to obtain employment or earn income through self-employment does not exist because those on welfare are receiving money from the government without having to earn it by working or providing a service. Why work for money when the government gives it to them for nothing?

And so the government has already formed a subculture that is communistic. As welfare roles increase and more money is taken from the wealthy and middle class by the government to give to another group, the direction toward greater government dependency by society is clear and yet another step has been taken in the government’s effort to impose communism.

A Coming Tragedy or Catastrophic Event

Another way the government slowly forces communism on a country is by creating a tragedy or warning of a coming catastrophic event. Once again, the government presents the people as powerless and in need of a savior. The people are told that they are in danger and the only solution is by means of greater government control and interference. Because of the fear this causes, the people turn over their rights, freedom and possibly even property trusting the government to save them. The people soon learn that just as with the case of “temporary” taxes, the government has no intention of returning what it takes.

If the predicted tragedy is shown to be fake or eliminated the government is likely to convince the people that it should retain the power it took just in case the tragedy comes back and once again the government has taken another step in a multifaceted effort to impose communist control.


By the time the people realize that the government has too much power they must act before it is too late. Because the government or political party who wants to impose communism will continually seek more power and expand itself infinitely. It will invent new ways to tax citizens and remove their power over their own lives. The people must never give the government the benefit of the doubt but should always look on government growth with a skeptical and cautious eye.

A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have. 
         Thomas Jefferson

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